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Moxie Booth

Best of the Originals

When Moxie began, fun was our main concern. Camera, a box, and a printer is all we had.  However, we quickly realized that good lighting and a booth that created a "WOW" factor were just as crucial than simple entertainment.  Creating a portable booth that fits anywhere, prints instantly, takes high quality photos, and is so eye catching, became the new standard to Moxie Photo Booth.  Bring this booth to your event and watch your guests light up in amazement!      Color, Lights, Action!  LET’S GO!

Moxie Booth Features


DSLR Camera

Ring light pic.png

Mirror and Ring Light

Best photo quality

For those that deserve it

Full Enclosure Available

When Open Air just won't do

Full enclosure pic.png

Multiple Print Options

2x6", 4x6", 6x8", 6x6", or even

6x16" prints!

green screen pic.png

Why limit your guests' fun?

Unlimited Prints/Sessions

Choose a background or have

each photo be a different

backdrop each session

Green Screen Mode

Guests leaving heartfelt or

hilarious messages on video?


Video Messaging

Video messaging pic.png

Survey/Green screen Mode

Got a giveaway? Use the photo

booth to choose a winner!

Contest Mode


Mix green screen and surveys for a

different photo booth experience every



Digital Copies

Send your session to your phone

or email from the booth

Unlimited sessions pic.png
Digital Prints pic.png

Custom Wood Scrapbooks

Real wood. Fully engraved. The perfect gift!

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Let's get that quote!

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New Website on its way!

Selfie Station

Selfie front pic.png

Wedding Photo Booths

Wedding baby faces pic.png

Holiday Booth Rentals

holiday photo booth pic.png

People tell me all the time, the booth is high tech... The ring light is amazing... I just want to put it in my house... The rainbow effect is so different and cool.  I seriously get this every time I am out at an event!

Ash Stein

Event Logistics Coordinator

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