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Selfie Station

Top Seller Station

Now photo booths are in a whole new category! Selfie Stations are designed to be a booth that can be personal and public.  From corporate events, to weddings, to birthday parties, our station can handle all types of events.  

What makes it different??  

Most photo booths capture photos, videos, and maybe emails/phone #'s.  Our Selfie Stations can capture more!  They don't just give a file of their photo in an email or text.  Guests receive a link to a microsite that contains their photo, a gallery link, a web banner for clients, and other information you want to provide your guests.  Plus real time analytics on where guests share and how many shares is something most companies can use at conventions, conferences, or even fundraisers.     

Selfie Station Features

Sleek Design


For the professional quality look


For those that deserve it

Mirror and Ring Light

Animate yourself!  The photo will play

forward and backwards on repeat.  Like a

boomerang repeatedly.

Boomerang GIFs

Microsite pic.png

Each session provides guests with

their own site to share and download

their photo or GIF, view a live gallery

of the event, and even learn more

about the event, sponsor or client

Personal Micro Website

Adam at HATM email.jpg

Unlimited Photos & GIFs

Kiss Halloween GS.gif

Animated Overlays

Green Screen Mode


Provide more for your experience

Make each photo have moving

parts to stand out from the rest!

Choose a background or have
each photo be a different

backdrop each session

B13737AE-515C-49FF-9A5E-1309EF5D0E81 (2)
Multi print sizes pic.png

Multiple Print Options

2x6", 4x6", 6x8", 6x6",

or even 6x16" prints!

Soar through space, float in water,

or have your logo fly back and forth

as you simply stand in front of it all.

Animated Green Screen

Personalize our Selfie Station as

if it were your own!  Wrap it from

head to toe or add your logo

anywhere like a sticker.

Brand Vinyl Wrap

AT&T bold collection.jpg

3-D Selfie

The camera moves around you for a 3-D like photo

HDS Trade Show - Pittsburgh, PA

HDS Trade Show - Pittsburgh, PA

3-D photo booth with printing made this show one of the best they ever had!

HDS Trade Show Setup

HDS Trade Show Setup

Go Red American Heart Assoc Pagent

Go Red American Heart Assoc Pagent

The Go Red project so another opportunity to turn average girls into superheroes! Our 3-D Selfie Station made this booth a marvelous hit!

Go Red AHA setup

Go Red AHA setup

Pittsburgh Business Show 3-D Selfie Station

Pittsburgh Business Show 3-D Selfie Station

As you entered the business show, our 3-D Selfie Station kicked it off with a stunning 3D image as if you were outside Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Business Show setup

Pittsburgh Business Show setup

Roaming Selfie?!?!

Whether you don't have the room for a booth or you want the booth to come to the guests, this is your best solution!

Take your photo booth experience away from the booth!

Moxie Booth

Corporate Selfie Station

Any Occasion Photo Booth

One of the best gifts in life is the ability to make others smile.  Providing smiles, laughter, and happiness for the rest of my life is a goal I strive to accomplish.

Adam DeFlorio


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